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Indian cooking

Surprise yourself with ICookIndian

Surprise yourself with ICookIndian Until recently if I wanted a curry it came in one of two basic ways – ...
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Wire Wrapped Jewellery

Wire Wrapped Jewellery

Wire Wrapped Jewellery Take one polished stone, a few feet of assorted lacquered copper wires, some simple hand tools, bring ...
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Temima crafts

Thinking in the Third Dimension

Thinking in the third dimension Ray Sylvester makes wooden boxes - "bloomin clever boxes" as he and his wife Kathy ...
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/ artists at work, Woodwork
Lenses from film camera

Photography takes place between the ears?

Does photography take place in the camera or between the ears? A friend once said to me that photography doesn't ...
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Bell practice

Bell Ringers In Action

I love to photograph people at work, or in this case play. When I discovered that a member of a ...
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Factory production line

Taking Stock – the advantages of a bespoke stock library

An alternative to stock images for your marketing? "Alamy hits fifty million images", reads a report on stock photography in ...
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/ Bespoke images, Marketing, Marketing images
Calculator keyboard

Push Button Maths

Many years ago in senior school, we were taught how to use log tables. These were well thumbed books that ...
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Old cameras

Creative inspiration

Where do you get your creative inspiration? “That’s a nice camera, I bet it takes great photos”: there’s a phrase ...
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