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Pat Brennan – An artist of many talents

Posted on 28th February 2020 by David under artists at work, Craft, Creativity, Staffordshire, Textiles

Pat Brennan in her studio
Pat Brennan – Artist of many talents

How do you choose what to create when you can turn your hand to so many different media? The answer, for Pat Brennan at least, is to enjoy all of them. Pat is self-taught and has been developing her creative skills (there are lots!) all her life.

I visited Pat in her studio a little while ago. She was working on a pastel portrait of her pet dog, Tommy, yet it was clear that her creative side covers a variety of media. Samples of her work were everywhere.

Pastel portrait of Tommy
Pastel portrait of Tommy

A creative space

Imagine an artist’s studio with a sewing table at one end, a computer running Photoshop alongside a traditional easel at the other, and supplies of material, thread, paints, pastels and assorted paper in between, and you’ll have an idea of Pat’s studio. And yet it doesn’t feel cluttered; instead, it feels like a beautiful, creative space.

At the sewing table
Pat at her sewing table


Pat used to make wedding dresses, so she is also very competent with a needle and thread. These days she uses her sewing machine to make small unique gifts which she sells. They are a mix of machine and hand stitching and use a variety of materials. You’ll find examples of them on her various online shops.

Examples of Pat's work
Examples of Pat’s work

Digital Art

Pat is also very accomplished in digital art, and I first came across her work at an exhibition of work by Lichfield Society of Artists. Her digital art can be seen (and purchased) online at her shops. Publishers have bought several of her works for use as book covers. They are also available as designs on products such as mugs, cushions, and notebooks, not forgetting traditional prints for framing. She has written several magazine articles that take the reader step by step through some of her digital projects.

Magazine articles
Some of Pat’s magazine articles on digital art

Pat is also very skilled with the more traditional media, including watercolour, acrylic, gouache, as well as the pastels she was using for a dog portrait on the day I visited. Add to this freehand 3D machine embroidery, making fabric jewellery, and repurposing old jewellery, and you’ll appreciate that the only thing she is usually short of is time.

If you would like to see more of Pat’s creations, you can find them here:

  • ETSY.com (look for ‘MoonMommas’). Click here to view 
  • RedBubble.com (look for ‘Pat Brennan’). Click here to view.
  • DeviantArt.com (look for ‘PatriciaBrennan’). Click here to view.
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