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Mat Nation – The Story In Print

Posted on 19th November 2017 by David under Creativity, Printing

Mat Nation welcomes print customers

Mat Nation – an award winning printer

Mat Nation – Printer

With 23 years in the industry, Mat Nation knows printing. Working with print straight from college has given him a tremendous understanding of what is involved in a variety of print formats. This extensive background makes Mat’s business a one-stop shop for printing, branding, and signage, whatever your needs are.

There are two distinct faces to Mat’s business: Personalised Nation covers printed products of all kinds while Brand Amplification is all about helping businesses project their brand in a consistent and appealing way.

At one end of the scale Mat provides a service to individual consumers and at the other he caters for the greater range of products needed by business customers. The range of products is remarkable – if you can print on it Mat can supply it.

Mat at the laminating table

Mat laminates a large sign for a local business

The obvious products are leaflets, banners and posters. Print can be also used on pens, place mats, as well as tablet and computer covers. Textiles are also printable – anything from baby clothes and shopping bags to bean bags, and curtains. The range even extends to customised window blinds, murals with a favourite scene, and even your own design of wallpaper

If you are setting up or rebranding a business Mat can organise all your printing. He covers vehicle graphics, street signage, internal decoration, and branding.  You name it and he can produce it for you.

Inside the print shop

Mat hard at work on new signage for a customer

The business is based in Burntwood in a modern industrial building. Inside you’ll find a reception area with a surprising range of printed samples. Beyond that there are several types of large format printers, cutters, laminating tables and so on. Mat and his staff carry out much of the printing and finishing on the premises.

Making a roller banner

Leanne prepares a print for a new roller banner

Yes you could outsource everything yourself, if you knew what to ask for, who to ask, and how to specify the details. You could end up with a decent grasp on things, which of course would all be wasted knowledge unless you are planning to rebrand every few months. Besides which, you don’t know what you don’t know.

Printing wallpaper

Mat prints bespoke wallpaper for a company

Using Mat as a one-stop shop will save you a LOT of time. His knowledge is up to date, so he can advise customers about what will work in a particular situation.  This saves guesswork, time, and potentially costly mistakes. Mat will do all the hard work, specify and source materials, make each item, and carry out the installation. You can get on with what you do best, and you’ll end up with superb results.

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