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Seeing in Small Spaces

Posted on 8th August 2017 by David under Depth of field, Small spaces
Raindrops on leaves

Raindrops on leaves

It’s surprising what you see when you start to look.

There’s a certain sense of clarity you get the moment your front door closes and you realise you’ve just locked yourself out.

That was my experience today. I was on my doorstep. I didn’t have a coat because I was going to get into the car (and yes, the car key was on the same key ring as the house key). And it was raining.

Door handle - keys on the other side

Locked out

I did have some things going for me though. I had my phone with the number of a very good locksmith, I had shelter because the square meter or so of doorstep was covered, and I had my camera.

Sometimes it’s good to confine yourself to a small area and force yourself to look around you in detail. Things that we might normally miss come to our notice. Try it sometime. Spend 30 minutes in your back garden with a camera and see what you can see.

Brickwork in shallow depth of field

Brickwork detail

My 30 minutes or so in a one square meter space were useful.  I was experimenting with a narrow depth of field to see what details I could pick out. The photos in this post are some of the ones I made.  Admittedly there’s limited scope in such a small area but it was enjoyable all the same.

Cobwebs on a cupboard door

Cobwebs on cupboard door

Thankfully the locksmith didn’t take long to get here and was able to get me in without having to break and replace the lock.

Detail of simple latch

Latch detail

If you need a friendly and reliable locksmith call Tim at Lockwiz http://www.lockwiz.co.uk. If you want to know about shallow depth of field, call me!

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