Pets Like Holidays Too

Posted on 31st March 2017 by David under Holidays, Pets
A guest at Quintessential Quarters

A guest at Quintessential Quarters

Pets Like Holidays Too

The family dog or cat is just that – a part of the family. In an ideal world you’d take Fido or Tibbles with you when you go away. Unfortunately travel with a cat or a dog isn’t always practical or even possible, and in some cases not at all good for the health of your pet.

So what do you do?

One option is to put your pet into kennels or a cattery. But which establishment to choose?

Pet owners who regularly use Quintessential Quarters in Staffordshire are sure they have found the right one. In fact, with easy access to the M6 and three international airports nearby it attracts customers from as far away as Scotland. It’s not just about convenience; these customers can be sure their pet is in safe hands.

Jacqui Smith at Quintessential Quarters

Jacqui Smith welcomes visitors

I recently visited Quintessential Quarters and over coffee discovered just how well qualified Jacqui Smith is. She and her husband Andy are the owners with Jacqui managing the staff and the day to day care of their furry guests. As well as being passionate about the care of cats and dogs – she owns some of each – she has also studied pet care extensively. Her qualifications include Advanced Canine Behaviour, Kennel and Cattery Management, and Dog Grooming. She is a Kennel Club Assured Breeder (she breeds gorgeous flat coat retrievers and exhibits them at Crufts), and is also a qualified micro-chip implanter. She has even studied pet first aid. I must admit to a surprised look when Jacqui explained that she knows how to give CPR** to pets.

Dogs walked individually

Dogs walked individually


The dedication to care is shown in the practical running of the business too. The three full time staff are trained to level 3 diploma in Animal Management, and the part time staff are not short of a qualification or two either – (they include trainee vets in the summer months). Each dog has one-to-one interaction with a human 5 times per day. Staff walk the dogs in pairs, one walker plus one dog on each site of a quiet track so the dogs are kept apart, and one staff member carries a two way radio (Jacqui also has one so she is just a quick call away in an emergency). Each dog is walked on two leads, which the staff member holds one in each hand – not that the dogs are likely to run away with the level of care and attention they receive here.

As well as two walks each day along a very quiet lane, each dog has three individual play sessions with a staff member in the very large secure play area. When not out for exercise the dogs each have a kennel that is heated in colder months and has a large run as well as the sleeping area.

Cats each have a light and airy unit

Cats each have a light and airy unit

The cats are equally well cared for in spacious, airy accommodation. Each unit has a draught free sleeping area that is heated in colder weather. Each unit also has a large play area with plenty of toys to keep the cat occupied. Pets are housed one per unit, though a pair of cats from the same home can share a unit for company. While the cats aren’t taken out for walks they do still receive plenty of human interaction and play times.

Jacqui grooming a dog

Jacqui grooming a dog

As if this wasn’t already like a luxury holiday retreat there is also a grooming facility for the dogs. Facilities include a hydro-bath (it’s less stressful on the dogs when they are washed), and a special drying facility if required. The grooming covers styling, scissor cutting, clipper cutting and hand stripping. If dogs could use TripAdvisor they’d be giving five star ratings every time!

So if you want to go away on holiday confident that your pet is having an equally good time then contact Jacqui at Quintessential Quarters to find out more. Her web site is


**CPR – CardioPulmonary Resuscitation – yes, CPR for pets!



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