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Surprise yourself with ICookIndian

Posted on 12th October 2015 by David under Food, Learning

Amarpal demonstrates cooking

Amarpal demonstrates indian cooking at the Stone Food Festival 2015

Surprise yourself with ICookIndian

Until recently if I wanted a curry it came in one of two basic ways – ready made, or out of a jar. In either case the ingredients were something of a mystery. Then I came across Amarpal Harrar and his company ICookIndian.


Amarpal Harrar

I learnt three things from my ICookIndian experience.

Firstly, Indian cooking is really very simple if you have a little bit of guidance and encouragement to point you in the right direction. Amarpal is brilliant at both.

Secondly, India is a huge country. OK, so I already knew that, but what I didn’t appreciate was how much the cooking varies from place to place as the climate affects the things that grow in each area.

Lastly, I didn’t know much about spices until Amarpal gave us an introductory talk that explained and demystified them.

Adding spices

Stone Food Festival 2015 – Adding spices

In one afternoon we made different snack foods – samosas are really easy by the way – followed by a daal dish and a chicken curry, plus naan bread and saffron boiled rice. The snacks kept us fed during the afternoon and the other dishes made two substantial freshly made meals to take home. All were delicious and Amarpal’s recipe for boiled rice guarantees it will look like it was served in a restaurant rather than some sort of sticky rice pudding.

Checking the rice

Stone Food Festival 2015 – Checking the rice

Now if I want to eat Indian food at home rather than reaching for a jar of curry sauce or the phone number of the local takeaway I reach for Amarpal’s recipes and the jars of spices on my shelf.

The ICookIndian team were in action at the recent Stone Food Festival where Amarpal gave introductory classes in one marquee before heading over to another to demonstrate his cooking skills to a large audience. Some of those who took the introductory class were seen later tucking into their creation for lunch, and everyone seemed to enjoy the cooking experience.

They cooked Indian

They cooked Indian at the Stone Food Festival 2015

To find out where you can learn Indian cooking visit the web site, www.icookindian.co.uk, or perhaps arrange for Amarpal to give a private lesson to a group of friends or colleagues.






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