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Taking Stock – the advantages of a bespoke stock library

Posted on 10th November 2014 by David under Marketing images

Factory production line

Production line in a food factory

An alternative to stock images for your marketing?

“Alamy hits fifty million images”, reads a report on stock photography in a photo marketing magazine, “and is forecast to grow to 100 million in the next three years”.

Alamy is a stock photo library and there are quite a few others out there. So no shortage of images for your blog or web site or latest promotional leaflet, then!

Well yes, except they aren’t images of your products and premises and staff. 

If a general shot is all you need to accompany the words you are writing then pick your stock agency and pick your image. At a rate of 30,000 new uploads each day, Alamy will have another 50 or so for you to choose from by the time you finish reading this, or another 100 if you stop to get a coffee first.

Wine for sale

Wine bottles displayed for sale

If, on the other hand, you’d like your web site and other promotional material to reflect your company and staff and production line then consider commissioning your own private stock library. We aren’t talking hundreds of pictures here – how many changes do you make to publicity in a year anyway?

A working selection of bespoke images for you to use in print or online is a modest and worthwhile investment if you want to stand out from the crowd, especially if you want to get the best out of your investment in quality printing or web design.

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